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March 29, 2018
Terry presented at the Pritzker Military
Museum and Library in Chicago. Watch the video.

Terry had a full house at the Massachusetts National Guard Event on October 20. Brigadier General Francis Magurn is pictured with Terry at the event.

Terry presenting at the Sacramento Public Library
Jul7 2017

Terry interviewed by the Pritzker Museum about Shooting the Front.
September 2016

​ Listen or watch now.

World War I Revisited: The Great War's Impact on Aviation - The Third Dimension Ascends

July 2016

Terry speaks at the Sacramento Library


Terry interviewed
by the New Books Network about A Delicate Affair on the Western Front.
September 2015

Listen now.

Shooting the Front: The Role of Reconnaissance 
Terry's Presentation at the Museum of Flight Air War One: WWI Symposium
Seattle, 2012
Four Parts
Terry appears on the Chauncey DeVega Show
Jan, 28, 2016

Chauncey and Terry discuss American history, warfare, our fathers, family legacies, careers, moral courage, the "Greatest Generation", unsung heroes, some big questions about the atomic bombings of Japan, Terry's time as a docent for the Enola Gay, how individuals and their choices make history, and whatever other topics happen to be broached at the virtual bar and salon. 

The interview starts at the 25:10 mark.

Download Terry's Powerpoint Decks
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